REAL is a ministry founded by Laura Nixon. Born out of her realization that contrary to what the masks we wear to church say, we, the Church, are a group of REAL people with hurts, issues, and sins that weigh us down. In an effort to break through the facade and let new Christians see the REAL us, Laura started this ministry. Her Plan Team includes: Shannon Mitchell, Debbie Stovall, Blaire Stephens, and Amanda Moore.

The purpose of REAL ministries is to strip away the facade and show the reality of walking with Christ in all the ups and downs. Only when we remove our masks and become vulnerable and REAL with each other will we see REAL growth. The enemy of our souls would love to keep us feeling judged by “the Church”, insecure, and convinced that we don’t “belong.” Tearing down those false assumptions about Christians opens the door to ministry and service – service to the non-churched and ministry to new believers who haven’t been in church before as well as to the established body of believers who have attended church every Sunday for years, but may have never dropped their guard to admit who they really are and to seek healing for their hearts.

REAL ministries include REAL Gatherings, REAL Prayer, REAL Discipleship, REAL Missions, and the REAL Blog.

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