Valentine’s Day…A Single Girl’s Perspective

Valentine’s Day…

A Single Girl’s Perspective

Here comes that dreaded day again, Valentine’s Day. What is meant to be another day of celebrating love, satan can twist and turn into a single girl’s worst nightmare. He uses it to create an emptiness. Seeing pictures all over Facebook and Instagram of the beautiful flowers from boyfriends and husbands or hearing stories about sweet dinner dates that sail into the sunset. Our minds start playing games of why not me, or jealousy and loneliness kick in. Or, why am I in my 30’s and still single?? Yes, those can be real feelings! But it’s time to draw a line in the sand and tell satan that enough is enough. Let’s put our focus on Jesus! The author and perfect our faith. (Hebrews 12:2). The One who loves us so much, He literally died for us. (John 3:16)
Valentine’s Day isn’t always easy. But I challenge us to take a different approach this year. Instead of allowing satan to use this day as a downer that spirals into an all out pity party with us crying and snottin’ all over the place, let’s allow God to use it to draw us nearer to Him. Take our hurts and emptiness to Him. He already knows them anyway. And let’s focus on Him. His goodness. Tell Him why you love Him. Because of His faithfulness. His everlasting love. His grace. His mercy. His sovereignty. His timing, even though so often we want to rush Him. His forgiveness. His patience with us. His Sacrifice. His Son who died on the cross, while we were still sinners (Romans 5:8), so that we could have life with Him eternally. Thank Him for the Holy Spirit who we can already be with here on earth.
Let’s be happy for those who have husbands and are getting spoiled by boyfriends, and let’s fall into the arms of the one whole loves us most. Yes, I would love to be married or be in a relationship to have someone to spend this Valentine’s Day with. But that’s not going to steal my joy or take my focus off of Jesus. Because as a Christian, I am already His bride. And I am living in the greatest love story ever written.
You don’t have to be alone on this Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year. Every day can be Valentine’s Day with Jesus. The one we should be falling more and more in love with every day. He already loves us, literally to death (and life).


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